Services: Graphic Design & Illustration

Logo Design

A business without a logo is like a person without a face. A logo makes your business unique, but it also establishes credibility. A lot of businesses these days try to cut costs by designing their own logos, but this will quickly shrink your company's credibility. People will see you as cheap and often you will look like a “fly-by-nighter”. That is why it is important to have a professionally designed logo and you will be surprised at how affordable one is. Contact me to enquire today!

Business Cards

Business cards are one of the oldest and most popular forms of business promotion. They increase credibility, are inexpensive and a smart investment for new and old businesses. I provide an affordable service from graphic design to print that gets you high quality business cards that you can count on. Contact me to enquire today!

Custom Office Stationery

Custom office stationery adds that extra touch of professionalism to your day to day business dealings. Letterheads, brochures, envelopes, folders, all these items can be used as non-intrusive marketing tools. Custom business stationery also helps with networking when you correspond with clients. Business stationery is the first thing clients notice and take away with them, so it is important that first impressions express your business in a positive manner. Contact me to enquire today!

Custom Invitations

Want to add a bit of flare to your special occasion? Invite people in style with custom designed invitations. Contact me to enquire today!


Unique custom illustrations made to suit your needs. Contact me to enquire today!

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Website Design

I no longer provide website services due to time constraints and the vast offerings of low budget website solutions available online. I can however provide information and instructions on do-it-yourself websites for a small fee. Contact me for more information.

If you are in the market for a fully supported paid website service contact me and I can forward you to a company I work closely with in Palmerston North.

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